Jonathan Levin Philadelphia Attorney – What Makes Him a Winner?

Power of Attorney

I am very pleased to call Jonathan Levin Philadelphia law man my friend and I am very often inspired by what he does and how he does it. Jonathan and I went to university together here in Philadelphia and often joked that we were the misfits there, this was probably what brought us together. After leaving college we went in to different industries and since the moment that he embarked upon his legal career, Jonathan has been a serial winner. Many of you out there may have dreams of becoming an attorney and if so then these are the attributes which Jonathan displays, that you will need in order to win.


All Out Defense


Jonathan is of course not without scruples and there are some cases that he wouldn’t defend, beyond that however if you are his client, he will do everything it takes to get you that win. It doesn’t matter if Jonathan is defending the State against an expose claim or an average Joe on the street he will do so regardless of what funds they have and instead focus solely on the case, and how best to win.




Somewhat surprisingly Jonathan is a very empathetic person and the only reason why I say that it is surprising is because he also manages to have the win-at-all-costs approach .Jonathan’s empathy allows him to be a better attorney and it ensures that he views things in a slightly different way from the rest of us.


Hard Work


Jonathan may very well be one of the smartest attorneys that I have ever met but he is also one of the hardest working. Many seem to look past how many hours that he puts in when they are discussing his success and there is no shadow of a doubt that he wins so many cases because of the sheer volume of work that he is prepared to put in.




If you ever ask Jonathan about his victories the first thing that he will talk about his how well the team did, and this is the way that he looks at his work. Jonathan knows just how important a great team is and he will always take both victories and losses as a team.


Constant Studying


For most of us once our education was over so too was our study time, not so with Jonathan. Regardless of whether he has a case on or not, it is fascinating to see just how many hours he puts in to furthering his knowledge of the law, brushing up on previous cases and working hard to see new state legislation or small legal changes which he may need to know. This is something which many of us could learn from, regardless of what profession we happen to be in.


They say that winners will always win, but it isn’t as easy as that, they also need to have a smart approach like Jonathan.

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