Eric Wetlaufer – The Core Skills To Survive in Any Business

I have been very fortunate to work with Eric Wetlaufer for many years now as part of the business investment group in Wesson that he owns. Loyalty and fidelity are never things that I have had a problem with but with this man it was very easy to stand by his side and learn from him for so long, simply because of his wonderful ability to succeed, regardless of which company he was working for. I believe that Eric possesses all of the core skills that anyone in business needs and so I want to talk a little today about them, for anyone out there that wishes to pursue a career in business.




Miscommunication is never an issue with Eric and he has always made both his intentions and his expectations crystal clear. In fact all of the teams that have worked under Eric will completely attest to how frank and honest he is with his message. Beyond this however Eric is also a great listener and always has time for any issues or problems that someone may be experiencing.




In a number of cases i have watched Eric make snap decisions that always seem to pay off, I can only assume that his brain is able to quickly review the decision and its pros and cons, and then dive straight in with it. This is an amazing quality to have in the world of business where speed is everything and hesitation can see you lose.




In the early days of working for Eric I was able to see the relentless and tenacious side that he has. On many occasions our business proposals have been rejected or application for more funds declined and this only serves to make Eric hungrier and work even harder to get what he wants. Tenacity is a wonderful attribute which you will need if you wish to make it in business and it can greatly help to overcome any failures which you may have in your working life.




Eric has always been the leader within the team environment but a skill that he has which I think is essential for anyone in business is his ability to understand the team dynamic, and how he can best lead us depending on the makeup of the team. In order to attain this skill you must have a great understanding of each role in the team, and each character that takes it on.




Along the same lines as his ability to manage a team, Eric is also an outstanding motivator and someone who knows how to inspire and engage each person differently. Whether someone needs  to be constantly pushed or simply incentivized, Eric will spot this from the outset and then work on getting the very best out of them using his unique motivation methods.


These core skills are highly transferrable and they may help you in your career of you are able to work on them.

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