Safe fuel storage with a bunded oil tank

Oil, whether used for heating or for fuel requires storage facilities and under UK law this needs to be safe. A bunded oil tank offers oil users safe storage solutions. Let’s take a look at some of these.

We use a lot of oil in the UK, it a major source of fuel in industry and therefore transported and stored on a massive scale. In addition, although the majority of homes in the UK use gas and electric for heating and cooking, for many people in the UK oil fired heating is the only option available to them. The potential for accident and spills has made oil and fuel one of the biggest polluters in the UK, accounting for around 3000 pollution incidents every year. Typically these spills will affect our waterways and the aquatic life which depend on them, but can also affect land and threaten property. In addition to the pollution caused, oil used in fuel storage is a potential fire hazard when stored in bulk, which if ignited could cause serious damage and loss. When an oil spill occurs it can cost a business up to  30,000 in the form of fines, cleaning charges and loss of production.

The oil safety regulations of 2001 place requirements on the use of oil as fuel for UK homes, businesses and organisations. Under these regulations anyone who stores more than 200 litres of oil must provide secure containment facilities in order to prevent oil escaping into the environment. The regulations apply to the size of the container not the oil stored in it. Each tank must offer a second skin protection of at least 110% of its normal capacity. In addition, the tank must comply with Oil Firing Technical Association for the Petroleum Industry (OFTEC) standards to make sure that it meets minimum safety requirements.

One of the best ways to ensure sufficient secure containment of stored oil and fuel is to use a modern bunded oil tank to replace old single skin tanks or in a new installation. Modern bunded oil tanks are made from the highest grade materials such as 43a grade steel and polyethylene. They come with a range of electronic safety mechanisms such as sonic gauges which ensure that you are alerted if your tank is overfull, running low or leaking. They come in a range of sizes and shapes to suit most domestic and commercialenvironments.

Bespoke design
If you cannot find a prefabricated unit that suits your requirements companies such as Yellow Shield offer bespoke oil storage solutions. Units can be modified to suit your needs and allow you to make storage arrangements which fit your unique requirements. In addition, a range of accessories such as gauges and pumps can be installed which allow the fuel to be monitored, used and dispensed in a safe environment protecting you, your family and your employees. Companies such as Yellow Shield can also advise you on safety equipment such as spill control and spill containment kits and can supply the solution to match your new bunded oil tank.

Author Bio
John Bryce is a health and safety specialist who writes for a number of websites blogs and trade publications. For more information on bunded oil tanks visit this page.

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