New Trends For Printing Companies London: The Combined Initiative

A combined marketing initiative is one whereby the products of several marketing arms are blended to get a coherent message out across several channels at once. To name a few such arms are printing companies London, web designers and sound and visual media companies. The trend takes specific heed of the fact that target audiences or potential wider audiences for products and services are surrounded by outlets for marketing messages; and that different immediate circumstances make different kinds of advertising most appropriate.

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Look at the commuter, for example. A commuter may have a smart device in his or her pocket. He or she may have an iPod or similar device with which he or she can watch or listen to multimedia channels. But he or she may also be on a packed bus or inside a Tube; both places where the use of expensive devices is neither comfortable nor necessarily encouraged.

One look at a post rush-hour Tube train or bus tells you just how much print media is consumed on the way to work. The discarded copies of free papers and the adverts inside them are testament to just how much work printing companies in London do to provide the material that gets the commuter through the start and finish of his or her day.

Therefore, the most lucrative and likely way of getting an advertising message to a commuter is through printed information. This may come in the form of posters at stations and by the side of train tracks; or it might be done through the ubiquitous free paper, one of the most widely seen advertising spaces in the UK.

Of course, train and bus-bound commuters are not the only people going to work in the mornings; he work done by printing companies London even provide billboards and papers for the travelling worker. There’s another area in which major advertising takes place during travel times. It’s the radio.

The car-bound commuter may see an occasional billboard but her or his attention is mainly focused on the road. He or she is likely to have music or a radio turned on whilst he or she travels. So, in order to get the same advertising message across to him or to her, the company using printing companies London to fill the papers may also use a multimedia company to broadcast a radio ad.

The point is consumers occupy different areas at different times of day. They may be exposed solely to print media whilst they travel to work and then only to online influencing. When they are at home, their exposure may be more towards televised advertising.

In order for a concerted sales message to really make an impact, the client company must be prepared to advertise in all of these channels. Its message must be identical across the multiple platforms but the ways in which that message is couched must be tweaked so each advert is perfectly suited to the medium through which it is received and understood. Without proper design, such a message may fall apart.



The printing companies London has to offer may be called upon to provide a cornerstone for a wide advertising campaign.

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