John Robert Powers’ Tips About Creating The Perfect Online Modeling Profile

John Robert Powers is a highly respected businessman in Chicago. He runs a great modeling agency that offered work for numerous models in the past years. It is quite clear to say that he has a lot of knowledge about the industry. After representing numerous star models, John Robert Powers knows what it takes to create a perfect online modeling profile. The tips mentioned by him below will help you out a lot to get perfect star reviews.

Only Use High-Quality Pictures

The very first things that agencies, photographers and clients want to see is a profile with high-quality pictures. When the first pictures seen are not high quality, it is a certainty that the profile is going to be closed.

Never post images that you took with smartphones. This makes you lose so many job modeling opportunities. The quality of smartphone pictures is just suitable for social media posts on networks like Instagram.

The best thing that you can do as an aspiring model is to hire a professional photographer. If this is not something that you can afford, you can at least learn how to take great photographs. Make sure that you always upload your very best images.

The Face Needs To Be Visible

Do not take pictures while wearing sunglasses, even if they make you look cool. The face has to be visible. If the agencies or the clients do not clearly see your face, it is a certainty you will not be taken into consideration. Taking portrait photos while looking straight at the camera is usually highly preferred.

Speaking about such images, be sure that you do not take selfies. John Powers says that professionals never take such images seriously. They should never be added to a portfolio. These are just for the social media accounts you use to promote yourself, not for the website.

Avoid Group Shots

The group shot is always confusing. People will end up wasting time in order to identify you in group images. You have to put yourself right in the shoes of the client. Always try to upload the pictures that are the best and they have to be of yourself. These are the ones that are going to look really professional.

Avoid Night Photographs

An online modeling profile should never show night photographs. This is due to an obvious reason: it is not at all easy to see how you are going to look during the photo shoot. Lights are too low so it is easy to lose very important photo elements. Studio lighting and sun light need to be your priority.

Since we are talking about what images you should never upload to a modeling portfolio, you might want to be aware of the fact that polaroids should be seen as industry standard. Photographers and agents always use these in order to see how a model looks like without makeup. Try to take such images with a plain wall background. Do the neutral pose and face that is seen all over the modeling industry. Such images should be included in your portfolio.

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