How to Know How Many Solar Panels You’ll Need

A solar energy system is not only environment-friendly but also a good energy source that is both safe and reliable. Knowing how many solar panels you will need is key to determining the amount of money you will spend on your new solar energy system. You probably don’t want to overpay or buy an inadequate number of solar panels. In this article, we’re going to give you a few tips to help you know how many solar panels you’ll need, just like options presented at Capital Resorts Group reviews already did.

1. Consider Your Monthly and Yearly Power Bill

Your power bill will show you the exact amount of power that you use on average. If, for example, you pay a yearly amount of $1300, then it will be impractical to purchase solar panels that produce $3000 worth of energy. Do not just go through one year’s bill, but for the past ten years at least. You can then easily determine the approximate amount of energy that is sufficient for you and your family. Knowing the amount of energy you use will directly dictate the number of solar panels you will require.

2. Average Daily Sunlight in Your Region

Peak sunlight hours where you live will directly impact the amount of energy that will be produced by your home solar system. For example, people living in Seattle will get much less peak sunlight hours than those living in Phoenix. This basically means someone living in Seattle will have to buy more solar panels to compensate for the lower average solar radiation.

3. Solar Panel Wattage

The first important factor you need to understand is that different panels produce different energy amounts. Most solar panels produce from around 45 watts to 315 watts, which is a pretty significant range. In that case, if you want a 6kW system, then you would need many 45W panels, but way fewer 315W panels. Because you already know the amount of power you need, it will be easy to calculate the number of panels you will use once you know the wattage produced by the individual panels that you want to buy. For more effective and efficient solar panels, then buy from known manufacturers who have been credited with awards.

4. The Size and Shape of Your Roof

When you have limited roof space or an oddly shaped roof, then you will not be in a position to use large solar panels like everyone else. You will need smaller panels with great efficiency and they will usually cost you a little bit more. Someone with a large roof space can sacrifice efficiency and install large solar panels that come at a cheaper price. In addition, most solar power systems today don’t have gaps between panels, saving you an incredible amount of roof space.


The above tips will help you figure out the exact number of solar panels that you need or at least a rough estimate. In all cases, it’s always better to have a professional installer survey your roof and plan how to effectively arrange your solar panels and at what angle. Remember to always buy your solar panels from an authorized dealer to ensure they are quality and long-lasting.

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