How to Increase Your Car’s Lifespan

How you drive your car has a great hand in the life of a car. Using your car with care can make your investment go far. Rash, reckless driving can ultimately lead to costly repairs and even be unsafe for you and other passengers. Here are some driving and car care tips that will prolong your car’s life:

  • During the first 1000 miles of your car’s ride, it is advisable not to go over 55 mph. Do not put your car under heavy loads. Use gradual light acceleration. Do not accelerate rapidly and brake suddenly. Experts say that you should be able to put a cup of coffee on your dashboard and drive the car without spilling the coffee. Avoid racing.
  • Do not use low quality gas. Also you should fill the gas only from reputable gas stations. A good gas station filters it’s gas at the pumps. Others may not clean the tanks or even add alcohol or other chemicals in the fuel. Ask friends and other associates about good gas stations.
  • Always park in the shade or in a covered garage, especially if you live in an area with harsh sun, as that can cause your car paint to fade. Use wax to protect the paint job. Well maintained paint goes a long way when it comes to resale value.
  • Take your car for regular, general check- ups and servicing. Read the car’s manual and schedule your maintenance programs accordingly.
  • Properly maintain your tires. Rotating the tires increases the life of the rubber and makes them wear off evenly. This way tires will be safer to drive. Also keep the tires inflated. Under- inflated tires can reduce the life of your tire by 15% and can decrease your gas mileage by 10%.
  • Check all the fluids that you can on your own. The ones you can’t, make sure you get them checked by the mechanic. Every time you stop by the garage, ask the mechanic to check the fluid levels and other parts that need to be checked. When there’s a problem, get it fixed immediately. Do not delay as that can lead to major problems.
  • Change the air filter, when needed. This is easy- to- do and can be done at home without any need of tools. A dirty, dusty filter can lower gas mileage.
  • If you need to store your car for a prolonged period, fill the gas tank to prevent condensation. Disengage the parking brake and disconnect the battery. It is advisable to put the car on stands to protect the tires from the car’s weight.
  • The engine is one of the most important parts of your car. You can clean it regularly to keep it in good working order. If your engine has gone beyond repair, engine replacement is the solution. If you are a resident of Ireland and are looking for engine replacement, there are many good stores that will cater to your needs.

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