Exhibition Stands Design – Certain Basics about Its Creation

exhibition stands design

A number of businesses and companies realise the huge advantages associated with participating in different exhibitions as well as trade shows. After all, this is a kind of direct marketing, where you can interact face-to-face with your prospective clients. Direct marketing has always been more effective for businesses than other forms of marketing. This is why many companies make active efforts to be a part of the diverse trade shows and exhibitions. Any exhibition is sure to have a number of other B2B (Business to Business) partners as well as visitors interested in the kind of products and services offered by a particular business. Hence, participating in a trade show mostly turns out to be quite beneficial for a business owner. Now, the most important thing that a business person needs to concentrate on, so as to increase the amount of advantages of participating in a trade show, is the exhibition stand. Though the more unique an exhibition stand design, the better but at least one needs to keep certain basic things in mind while designing an exhibition stand. This would at least ensure the visibility of your business and highlight its specialities. Following are a few of basics involved in the creation of exhibition stands design:

Size and pattern

While designing an exhibition stand, the first and foremost thing, which the designer needs to consider is the size of the stand. It must be of the right size and pattern to suit your business needs. The display stands come in different sizes ranging from pop-up stands to desktop size stands and banner system stands to large exhibition stands. Hence, it is possible for every individual to get an exhibition stand suitable to his/her business needs as well as budget. However, if the budget allows, it is always advisable to go for a custom built exhibition stand. Such stands can leave a much more effective impression on the visitors.


The exhibition stand designers must not forget to know about the facilities that his/her client needs. A business owner might need the exhibition stand to have a bit of extra space for keeping desks or a small area for one-on-one meetings. An individual might even wish to include the option of an ongoing visual display through AV screen or laptop. So, the exhibition stands design needs to include all the required amenities, which might be essential for the success of the show.


In case one invests a huge amount of money in buying an exhibition stand, then one might think of re-using it again in another exhibition. Thus, the exhibition stand needs to be designed in such a manner so that it can be taken to different location easily as well as have the option of making little modifications to the graphics and displays.

Artwork and graphics

This is considered to be amongst the most important aspects of exhibition stand designing. It is because graphics and displays are the ones through which one portrays the speciality of his/her business. In fact, it is worthy to get this customised for a particular exhibition, so as to make it more unique and effective.

Summary: This article reveals a few of the most important basics of exhibition stands design creation.

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