Don’t Let Drain Problems Turn into a Crisis

Drains are something that it’s easy to ignore. Until something goes wrong that is, then they become a major issue and one you need professional help to sort out.

Drain Problems

Whether in a domestic situation or at a business premises, drains are something we don’t thing about when all is running   or should we say flowing  smoothly. But when things go wrong and there’s a blockage or a leak then drains become a major issue and one that needs sorting out as quickly as possible.
Symptoms of drain problems include difficulty flushing the toilet, slow water drainage from sinks or basins, unpleasant smells or water overflowing from external drains or manholes. In most cases blocked drains aren’t that hard to diagnose. Internal problems are often due to hair or grease accumulated in the drain’s trap. Outside gulleys and downpipes can become blocked with leaves and other debris. None of these problems are hard to fix with a little DIY knowledge. However, if you have a problem with the underground drains leading away from your property then you’ll probably need to call in the professionals. If you’re looking for drain services London and major cities have plenty of choice.

Common Causes of Drain Problems

There are a number of things that may cause problems with drains. In older properties such as those built in the Victorian era drain pipes may be made of clay which can crack or leak at the joints. They may also be made of iron which can corrode over the years.   Properties built in the 1960’s sometimes used pipes made of pitch fibre, this too can deteriorate over time, distorting from its original round shape and eventually collapsing. Collapsed or cracked pipes can also be caused by movement in the ground or damage from heavy vehicles driving above. Tree roots can cause damage and blockages too, finding their way into joints or through manhole walls. You can also suffer from drains that were badly installed in the first place. If drains were installed with insufficient fall on the pipes or with badly designed manholes then these can be a cause of problems later. A company experienced in drain services London has lots to choose from, should be able to identify and solve these problems.

Investigating and Solving Problems

A professional company will help you pinpoint the problem by lifting manholes and running water through to identify the location of any blockages. The next step is to carry out a CCTV survey to look for blockages or evidence of collapse.

Once the problem is identified the next step is to fix it. Blockages can usually be fixed using rods or by water jetting. If the drain is cracked or has collapsed modern technology means it can usually be relined in situ without the need to excavate and lay new pipes. There are various methods for this which includes inflating a liner inside the pipe or using a flexible polyester sock. If tree roots are the source of the problem they can be removed with a rotating cutter before relining the pipe to prevent them from breaking through again.


Jim Preston is a freelance writer specialising in building and property maintenance matters. Click here for an experienced London drain services specialist.

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