Common Questions after a Car Accident

In the blink of an eye, it’s over. You’ve hit a car, or a car has hit you, and you’re probably overwhelmed by all kinds of emotions. Maybe you’re furious, terrified, confused, disoriented, in great pain, or some combination of these. What comes next? Well, the events that happen after an accident depend on your knowledge and preparation. There are a number of common questions after a car accident, and having the answers to them can help protect you, physically and legally.


The Accident

Your first questions will be about what to do at the scene of the accident. Well, regardless of who is at fault, you’re going to need to exchange insurance information with the other driver or drivers. When the police arrive on the scene, everyone involved will get a chance to explain what happened, and there will be a crash site investigation to help objectively determine what happened and assign fault to one or more parties.


Unless you’re grievously wounded, it’s a great idea to take pictures of the scene. When you do, be sure to include important landmarks like street signs, cars, debris, and buildings. This will make it easier for you to remember what happened after the fact, and it will also help you explain and prove your version of what took place to others. You’ll also want to go about obtaining a copy of the police report, particularly if you’re interested in bringing a personal injury lawsuit against the other party.


Meeting With An Attorney

If you’re questioning whether you should meet with a car accident lawyer after an accident, the answer is usually yes. Whatever happened at the scene of the accident, a good accident lawyer can do a number of things for you. First of all, because he’s an expert in incidents like this, he can provide general support and guidance throughout the process.


More specifically, if insurance or lawsuits are involved, the lawyer can perform needed tasks on your behalf. It’s highly unlikely that insurance companies or other drivers have your best interests in mind, so you’ll need someone who can fight for your rights and help with tasks like interviewing witnesses, obtaining surveillance footage at the scene, and hiring crash site investigators of your own to make sure nothing was missed that can help your case.



You’ll have plenty of other questions after an accident. You’ll want to know how to make sure insurance companies don’t cheat you, how much your personal injury case could be worth, how likely a positive trial outcome is, and how to proceed in general. Only a personal injury attorney can be your advocate and confidante during this difficult time. Only a personal injury attorney can answer your questions and set your mind at ease.


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