Cisco 2811 Routers for Businesses

The Cisco 2811 integrated services router is becoming extremely popular heavily in India and in the U.S.  The Cisco router, most commonly classified as a Cisco 2811 series router, has been in the market for years. Several factors are contributing to its rising popularity.


Probable reasons for the rising popularity:

  • Special promotions are being circulated through an email campaign from Cisco directly.
  • Many of the businesses have already been using the Cisco 2811, and consider it a reliable router over other router brands and series. To be more precise, these businesses are looking for substitutes or expanding their networks.
  • Network resellers and wholesalers on the business-to-business end consider Cisco 2811 router difficult to acquire for resale.

The reason for small and medium-sized businesses to choose the Cisco 2811 in their network

Because of the possible popularity increase, this Cisco router has been in the market for long and has managed to earn a good reputation through its different B2B channels, paid ads, special promotions, editorials, press releases, blogs and word of mouth. Given below are some key features of the Cisco 2811 router that has led to its rising fame.

  • In terms of router security, the device supports up to fifteen hundred VPN tunnels with the AIM-EPII-PLUS module, it contains an antivirus guard support through the NAC, and works as an intrusion detection system and a Cisco firewall as well.
  • About the voice site of the router, they have an analog and digital voice call support, possible voicemail support and optional CME and SRST support for up to thirty-six IP phones for local call processing.
  • Other key features include support for over ninety existing and new modules, two integrated fast Ethernet ports and layer 2-switch support with the POE or Power over Ethernet as commonly known.

Does Cisco still support the Cisco 2811?

The Cisco 2811 has not yet arrived at its end-of-life date according as per their company website. When Cisco puts an end to the life of a product, they generally will remove maximum information on the device to compel you into a different solution. It is imperative for a company to put most of its resources into networking devices that is as per today’s expectations. As a result, it makes sense to issue an end-of-life placement.

Specific Cisco router bundles that exist

You need to make sure your network is powered by AC or DC. If you happen to pick up the wrong package, you will end up wasting your time and money.

  • Cisco2811 – It is Integrated services router that comes with AC power, 2 PVDM slots ,2 AIMs , 1 NME, 4 HWICs, 2FE , , , and Cisco IOS IP Base Software
  • Cisco2811-AC-IP – They contain AC power including power over Ethernet distribution capability, , 2 AIMs, Cisco IOS IP Base Software, 2FE, 1 NME, 4 HWICs and 2 PVDM slots
  • Cisco2811-DC –  An Integrated services router available with DC power, 2 PVDM slots, 2 AIMs,  Cisco IOS IP Base Software 2FE, 1 NME and 4 HWICs,

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