A Guide to Solutions for Business Packaging

A look at solutions for product packaging. Ensure your product reaches the consumer in top condition, is appealing to look at and meets industry standards.

Designing a great product is only one part of your future business success story. They might say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ but let’s face it – packaging is of huge importance when it comes to product sales. Not only does your product need to look good to the consumer, it also needs to meet industry and retailer requirements and travel well. Your bottom line is also a major consideration. The cost of your packaging is a paramount consideration as every penny or cent counts when it comes to working with the world’s major retailers. So if you’re making products in bulk and you’re looking for semi-automated or automated solutions, what kinds of option can you look at?

Why mechanise?
Packaging by hand offers some benefits but among its downsides are increased production time, staffing costs and quality control. No matter how diligent they are, a person will always be less consistent than a machine. Automating processes with solutions for packaging can increase speed and, though there is an initial investment, ultimately keep costs low and product consistent.

These days accuracy is everything when it comes to supplying products. This is particularly the case with food products. Automating the process through industrial weighing solutions cuts the risk of human error and streamlines production time. Choose from bespoke weighing products or look for packaging solutions products with integral weighing if space is limited.

Bag makers
Particularly relevant to food manufacturers, bag making machinery offers a number of solutions. Depending on your product choose from machinery that can deliver pillow, block bottom or gable topped bags at the touch of a button and at high speed.

Tray De-nesters
When trays arrive in to your loading bay they will inevitably be nested in towers. These are fiddly and time consuming to separate and add to your conveyor belts for filling. Tray de-nesters offer a high-speed alternative.

Tray sealers
In the food industry, tray packaging is increasingly prevalent due to its practical aspects. Tray sealers deliver an essential role for the finished product. These are available to service all shapes and sizes of container as well as to a number of specifications that provide a seal only or to include vacuum gassing for example. Some tray sealers are available that incorporate weighing to streamline processing.

Picking and packing
Once your product has been packed the options don’t end there. When producing any significant numbers, outer packaging is also essential. Some companies opt for the human touch when it comes to this stage but it is another process that can be automated. Production lines can incorporate robotic pick and pack aspects that offer speed and reliability.

Automated weighing and packaging automatins offer accuracy, speed and cost reductions in the production process. Investigating the possibilities can certainly be an eye-opener to the savings that can be achieved to your bottom line and the direction your business could take.

James Redfern is a journalist specialising in industry. A former engineer he has a passion for all things automated and referred to packaging solutions experts in writing this article. Click here to visit one of his resources.

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